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03 Implemented the cosmetic ingredients test system. R&D and supplies.
08 ISO 9001 certification
11 Registered cosmetic and soap manufacturing factories. Approved as a cosmetic manufacturing business by the FDA.
03 Moved to the newly expanded business site in the industrial complex in Seongnam, Gyeonggido.
03 Implemented a clean room system.
03 Incorporated ECOMENT.
05 Certified as a venture company.
06 Certified as a company affiliated research center.
01 Certified as tech innovative small medium company, INNOBIZ.
02 Joined production liability insurance.
03 Developed rawganic natural cosmetic product, Vieco.
03 Opened the first direct academy in Bundang.
06 Registered patent (soap ingredients to improve the moisture maintenance of skin).
11 Launched the Vieco cosmetic brand.
11 Participated in the COSMOPROF cosmetic exhibition in Hong Kong.
11 Signed a SWEETMAY contract with Shilla Duty Free Shop and started exportation to Hong Kong and Macau.
01 Started exportation to Taiwan and Malaysia.
02 Started exportation to China.